This course develops advanced proficiencies in designing, importing, and manipulating text, graphics, audio, and video used in presentations, multimedia productions, and desktop publishing. Software used in this course will include Microsoft, Adobe, Macromedia, and Apple products. Students will incorporate video and audio effects into their projects through the use of scanners, digital cameras, digital video cameras, and internal and external audio mediums.

Course Description

This course focuses on scripting, developing search strategies, publishing skills, and serving information on a web server. The World Wide Web (WWW) is the fastest growing part of the Internet. The popularity of the WWW is due largely to the ease with which users can access and navigate the web and create pages of information to share with others. Ultimately, students, within an ethical framework, will be the webmasters for the class participating in a global community of learners and collaborators.

Assignments for the Graphic Design course taught by Ms. Jones will be posted here.

Interior Design
9-12 Grades